30th Anniversary of Sumgait Pogroms


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On Feb 26th the Consulate General of Armenia in Los Angeles in partnership with The Promise Institute for Human Rights marked the 30th Anniversary of Sumgait Pogroms at UCLA School of Law. Consul Armella Shakaryan in her opening remarks briefly described the horrible pogroms organized by ethnic Azerbaijanis against Armenian civilians in Sumgait, Azerbaijan in 1988 while the authorities of the country and security forces chose to stand by. She also mentioned that what happened was intentionally provoked act of revenge against Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) people's campaign for independence and justice and it is clear that when a government fails in its responsibility to protect, and instead endorses and sanctions the killing of its citizens, that government loses the right to administer that population. Documentary screening followed by the panel with participation of Anna Turcotte, the survivor of Baku Pogroms, Human Rights Activist and Author of ''Nowhere, a Story of Exile'' as well as Dr. Taline Papazian, Scholar of Political Science and Fellow at USC Institute of Armenian Studies. They spoke about the pogroms, the consequences and the fact that the horrible act hasn’t to date received a proper political and legal evaluation by international community as well as the importance of speaking out, informing the world about the Azeri atrocities and teaching young generation, as it is the best way to fight a distortion of history, to disclose the truth and prevent it from happening again.

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